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Anti-Facial Recognition Devices Coming Soon

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Facial recognition is very popular these days. It’s used to tag friends on Facebook, to unlock smartphones, and even to help the police find suspects in crowds. However, this has compromised personal privacy, and hackers are targeting this technology for easy information.

A small Israeli startup, called D-ID, said that they have created a technology which blocks facial recognition. The idea was formed when they wanted to find a way for people to share pictures online while protecting their identities. They needed to figure out a way to fool facial recognition systems, and they found the solution in a system of digital alchemy which alters pictures just enough so that the faces in them can’t get picked up by facial recognition.

The pictures look completely normal after the changes, though it is possible to see a difference if comparing the images side by side. And while the arms race between developers of facial recognition and their contrarians continues, the issue of privacy is still on everyone’s minds. D-ID continues to gain support as it has raised $4 million for the development of this technology.

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Big brother is watching. But in the future he may no longer be so all-knowing.

Riding the wave of a global push to comply with new privacy standards, a small Israeli company believes it can help you, and your face, stay anonymous in a hyper-connected world.

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