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Google Likely Has More of Your Personal Data Than Facebook

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It’s likely that Google holds shadow profiles on at least as many people as Facebook, says Chandler Givens, CEO of TrackOff, which develops software to fight identity theft.

As justifiable as the focus on Facebook has been, it isn’t the full picture. Google is a far bigger threat by many measures: the volume of information it gathers, the reach of its tracking and the time people spend on its sites and apps.

Google Analytics is far and away the web’s most dominant analytics platform. Google allows everyone, whether they have a Google account or not, to opt out of its ad targeting, though like Facebook, it continues to gather your data.

Google uses, among other things, our browsing and search history, apps we’ve installed, demographics like age and gender and, from its own analytics and other sources, where we’ve shopped in the real world.

Google says it doesn’t use information from “Sensitive categories” such as race, religion, sexual orientation or health.

Originally posted on The Wall Street Journal

Recent controversy over Facebook Inc.’s hunger for personal data has surfaced the notion that the online advertising industry could be hazardous to our privacy and well-being.

As justifiable as the focus on Facebook has been, though, it isn’t the full picture. If the concern is that companies might be collecting some personal data without our knowledge or explicit consent, Alphabet Inc.’s Google is a far bigger threat by many measures

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