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Are Wireless Home Security Cameras Actually Leading to Arrests?

The Infinite Brief
As home security cameras evolve and become more affordable and easier to install without professional assistance, more and more victims of crime are giving police video evidence of the crime as it happened.

“We’re seeing more and more people use camera systems now,” said Investigator Clint Arnett with the Washington Co. TN Sheriff’s Office. “And that’s a good thing.”

Arnett said his office recently arrested a man caught on camera stealing a weed eater.  Video of the crime was posted on social media and shown on News Channel 11 news.   That video led to multiple tips from the public.

“We like to see cases where the cameras are used because more often than not we hone in a suspect from those,” said Arnett.

But veteran investigators caution the cameras alone aren’t enough.

“It’s worth being vigilant first and exhausting all other means,” said Major Shawn Judy, WCSO.  “Put your stuff up.  Talk to all your neighbors.  Use common sense first and then implement the tech.”

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Homeowners have a new weapon in their fight to find the people breaking into Tri-Cities homes – crystal clear video and sound recorded by homeowners who spent a few hundred dollars to arm themselves.

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