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R.I.P. Privacy: The Concept of Private Data is Dead

The Infinite Brief
Imagine a future where your shadow profile at Facebook (which connects you with anyone else on Facebook who ever saved your name, phone number, or email in their phone), where police CCTV cameras, your Gmail accounts, and search history are all hacked, and that data is sold, or shared with other governments.

Suddenly someone, a government, a crime gang, an army, will have a map of your entire past and be able to find memories even you have forgotten.

A generation back, you could make mistakes, do the stupid things teenagers do, and let it be buried by time. That is over.

We should anticipate a moment when a future version of Google can search for every image with your face in it. Not just photos on Facebook, but images in videos, from security cameras, from the background of other people’s holiday videos, photos of you in a crowd, marching in a rally.

You cannot conceptualize a database of every image and video ever taken that has your face in it; when all of those images can be correlated into a map of every place you’ve been to, every person you’ve met. This digital profile may be able to say where you were at most given moments in your past; it could break your alibis, sell your secrets, cross-check your statements and stories.

Originally via Tobias Stone

In China, the government is using data to control the country’s population. By building a firewall around China and then replacing the blocked global tech services with locally owned versions it can control, the government is able to create a digital profile of each person’s actions, affiliations, statements, acts, and misdemeanors.

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