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China is Using Drones That Look Like Birds to Spy on Its Citizens

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Tiny drones that look like birds and hide in plain sight are a thing, and the Chinese government has been developing its own version in a program reportedly named “Dove”.

More than 30 Chinese military and government agencies have deployed the birdlike drones in at least five provinces in recent years.

Unlike an average drone, these machines are designed to fly by simulating the flight of a small bird. They look like birds, have a wingspan of about 50 centimeters and can fly at speeds of up to 40km/h, or 25 mph.

On board is a high-definition camera, GPS antenna, flight control system and data link with satellite communication capability.

The tech is still in its very early stages of development and can be hampered by strong winds, rain or snow, and is vulnerable to electromagnetic disturbance.

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China is building an increasingly sophisticated police state and the government’s latest addition to its surveillance apparatus is fake birds that spy on people.

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