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The ENCRYPT Act Would Protect Encrypted Data From State and Local Law Enforcement

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The ENCRYPT Act would prevent U.S. states and local governments from compelling companies to weaken their encrypted products or store decryption keys for use on demand by law enforcement.

It would also prevent states from prohibiting the sale and offering of certain devices and services based solely on their encryption capabilities.

The bill is sponsored by Representatives Ted Lieu (D-CA), Mike Bishop (R-MI), Suzan DelBene (D-WA), and Jim Jordan (R-OH).

But what about the federal government? The Secure Data Act, which also has bipartisan sponsorship, would act as a perfect complement to the ENCRYPT Act by prohibiting courts and federal agencies from mandating weakened encryption or otherwise intentionally introducing security vulnerabilities.

Originally via Electronic Frontier Foundation

It’s not just the Department of Justice and the FBI that want to undermine your right to private communications and secure devices—some state lawmakers want to weaken encryption, too.

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