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Home Sellers Are Increasingly Using Hidden Security Cameras to Spy on Prospective Buyers

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An increasing number of home sellers are regularly using hidden cameras, hidden microphones and other types of recording devices to spy on potential buyers as they tour their potential purchases.

Home sellers will allow someone to tour their prospective home, then use everything they see or hear as leverage in future price negotiations.

According to a recent poll conducted by NerdWallet, a full 15% of people who have sold a home in the past say that they’ve used these types of surveillance techniques to help make a sale.

Reports indicate that this trend has picked up steam over the last few years, as Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and microphones have become smaller and more affordable.

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As hidden cameras and microphones become both more powerful and more affordable at roughly the same time, they’re playing a more critical role in our lives on a daily basis — whether you realize that to be true or not.

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