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Interpol is Rolling Out a Voice Identification Database that Uses Samples from 192 Law Enforcement Agencies

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The Speaker Identification Integrated Project, what Interpol calls SiiP, marks a major development in the international expansion of voice biometrics for law enforcement uses.

SiiP’s database allow uploads and downloads of samples from 192 law enforcement agencies across the world.

Speaker identification works by taking samples of a known voice, capturing its unique and behavioral features, and then turning these features into an algorithmic template that’s known as a voice print or voice model.

With enough voice prints and samples collected in its global audio database, Interpol’s speaker identification system will be able to upload an unknown voice and, regardless of the language it is speaking, match it to a list of likely candidates.

The platform boasts the ability to filter voice samples by gender, age, language, and accent. When the audio recordings are taken from similar acoustical environments, accuracy rates can be extremely high.

Originally via The Intercept

Last week, Interpol held a final project review of its speaker identification system, a four-year, 10 million euro project that has recently come to completion.

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