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Newly Developed AI Algorithm Can Defeat Facial Recognition Systems

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Parham Aarabi, a professor at the University of Toronto, and Avishek Bose, a graduate student, created an algorithm that can disrupt facial recognition systems dynamically, on the fly, by applying light transformations to images.

Their algorithm, which was trained on a dataset of 600 faces, spits out a real-time filter that can be applied to any picture. Because it targets highly specific, individual pixels in the image, it’s almost imperceptible to the human eye.

Products and software that purport to defeat facial recognition are nothing new.

In a November 2016 study, researchers at Carnegie Mellon designed spectacle frames that could trick systems into misidentifying people.

In November 2017, experts at MIT and Kyushu University fooled an algorithm into labeling a picture of a 3D-printed turtle as a rifle by altering a single pixel.

But this is one of the first solutions that uses AI, according to Bose and Aarabi.

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Facial recognition systems are controversial, to say the least. Amazon made headlines last week over supplying law enforcement agencies with face-scanning tech.

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