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72% of CEOs Admit to Stealing Intellectual Property from Former Employees

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In a clear demonstration that top executives defy data security best practices and company policy, 72 percent of CEOs admit they’ve taken valuable intellectual property (IP) from a former employer.

93 percent of CEOs say they keep a copy of their work on a personal device, outside the relative safety of company servers or cloud applications. Yet, 78 percent of CEOs agree that ideas, in the form of IP, are still the most precious asset in the enterprise, showing a disconnect between what executives say and do.

While companies spend billions to prevent data loss, the research suggests that data remains vulnerable to employee transgressions — and the C-suite is among the worst offenders

The survey, conducted by Sapio Research, includes feedback from nearly 1,700 security, IT and business leaders in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.

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