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Blockchain Enthusiast to Launch Crypto-Inspired Art Collection

The Infinite Brief
An Ethereum enthusiast, Sebastián Brocher, told BCFocus that his project CryptoArte (Ethereum art collection and non-fungible token) is going to be launched on MainNet this week.

The project is defined as, “a multi-disciplinary project that blends together the Ethereum network, an art collection, a non-fungible token, and a decentralized application.”

By launching the art collection, he hopes non-fungible token, and the decentralized app, will help the Ethereum community to grow by fostering awareness of the technology in an accessible and fun way. He also believes that the paintings will provoke thoughtful conversations around blockchain technology.

The CryptoArte collection currently consists of 9,895 unique paintings. Each painting represents 576 consecutive blocks of the Ethereum blockchain through a meaningful combination of shapes, colors, decorations, and more.

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