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‘Data Breach Fatigue’ Might Be Making Us Complacent About Cybersecurity

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There is growing concern that all of the recent hacks, data dumps and security breaches might be leading to ‘data breach fatigue.’

Peter Singer, a strategist and senior fellow at New America, says, “It’s a little bit the equivalent of Trump’s scandals. There are so many of them you can’t focus on one.”

Troy Hunt, who runs Have i been pwned?, a site that monitors data breaches, says that rather than becoming fatigued, people were simply accepting that such incidents are now “a normal part of online life.”

Hunt continued: “I’m actually finding … that people are judging companies less on the fact they’ve had [a data breach], and more on how they’ve dealt with it.”

As data breaches continue, Mr Hunt hopes people will avoid fatigue and take control: get a password manager, make all passwords unique and turn on two-factor authentication. “These are really basic things that we can all do, and they fundamentally change the impact of a data breach.”

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