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Ethical White-Hat Hackers Are Making Big Money as Cyber Vulnerabilities on the Rise

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A new security report has revealed that white-hat hackers earned $11.7 million over the past 12-months by identifying a record number of vulnerabilities.

Experts predict that by 2022, hacker powered security will be used by more than 50% of enterprises.

Data from HackerOne, the world’s largest bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform, has revealed that white-hat hackers are finding more severe vulnerabilities than ever before. As of May 2018, more than 72,000 vulnerabilities have been resolved on HackerOne, with more than one-third of those (27,000) resolved in the past year alone.

According to HackerOne’s 2018 Hacker powered security report, the total number of high or critical severity vulnerabilities increased by 22% in 2017, with 24% of resolved vulnerabilities being classified as high to critical severity across industries.

Due to these increasingly positive outcomes, the average award for a critical vulnerability jumped by 33% to $20,000 for the top awarding programs.

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