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German Police Seized the Names and Banking Details of TorServers Donors

The Infinite Brief
The names and bank details of European donors to – a node provider to the Tor anonymity network and its associated operating system Tails – are now with the German Federal Police after coordinated raids on four homes and a lawyer’s office in Dresden.

German police produced a warrant to investigate the privacy activist group RiseUp after a left-wing blog called “Krawalltouristen” (ruckus tourists) used their anonymous email and VPN services to organize a protest of the far-right AfD party.

However, police ultimately raided a separate organization called Zwiebelfreunde under the auspices of a ‘tenuous’ financial link to RiseUp: a pretty vast overreach that enabled them to seize documentation from a range of internet privacy projects.

Zwiebelfreunde also handle European donations to, and a blog post on the TorServers website confirmed all their documentation relating to European donations was seized.

Under the guise of a simplistic warrant relating to a blog and its email provider, the German police have now infiltrated a large network of privacy activists. Not simply staff and directors, but well-wishers and supporters who donated to a cause they believe in.

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