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IoT Security is Still Not Taken Seriously By IT Leaders and Decision Makers, According to New Study

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IoT security is not top of the strategic agenda according to 43% of IT leaders and decision makers surveyed in new Trend Micro report.

While organizations rush to offer connected and smart services, the majority of IT leaders are concerned about losing customer trust in the event of an IoT security attack. However, a recent survey by Trend Micro showed that many are woefully under-prepared for such a scenario.

While 63% agree that IoT-related cybersecurity threats have increased over the past 12 months, a worrying 43% recognize that “security is an afterthought” when implementing IoT projects.

Furthermore, a little over half (53%) say they have not considered how connected devices could breach security protocols within the organization itself, again reiterating that the impact of the Internet of Things is not fully understood.

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