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Meet Claudette, an AI-Powered “Automated Evaluator of Privacy Policies”

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Claudette, an AI-powered “automated evaluator of privacy policies,” was unveiled Thursday by the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and researchers at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Researchers have been training the AI on the privacy policies of over a dozen major companies, such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

After comparing those policies to the rules set out in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the guidelines given by national privacy watchdogs, the researchers found that none of the policies were fully compliant.

“This innovative research demonstrates that just as artificial intelligence and automated decision-making will be the future for companies from all kinds of sectors, AI can also be used to keep companies in check and ensure people’s rights are respected,” said Monique Goyens, BEUC’s director general.

Here’s the full list of the companies whose privacy policies allegedly still don’t match up to the GDPR’s requirements: Google, Facebook (and Instagram,) Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, WhatsApp, Twitter, Uber, AirBnB,, Skyscanner, Netflix, Steam and Epic Games.

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