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Three Months After It Started Accepting Bitcoin, This Art Company’s Sales Have Jumped 427%

The Infinite Brief
Lynx Art Collection, an art company that specializes in conversation pieces, has seen a sales boost of 427% since adopting Bitcoin as a payment method three months ago.

The owner posted proof of their massive sales growth by sharing a sales chart on the Reddit cryptocurrency sub.

The business’s owner took to Reddit to announce their success and to offer their sincere thanks to the crypto community:

”I just wanted to take a moment to give a sincere thank you to this community. We began business in 2012 but did not begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment until early 2018. We are thrilled that our work is appreciated this greatly and we are further thrilled that we can help spread Bitcoin adoption through both network transactions as well as our actual artwork.”

This is just further proof that mass crypto adoption would be a major boon for eCommerce.

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