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UN Inspector Accuses UK of Straying Towards “Thought Crime,” After Introduction of Bill That Criminalizes Viewing of Terrorist Material

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A United Nations inspector has accused the British government of straying towards “thought crime” because of a proposed law criminalizing the repeated viewing of terrorist material.

At the end of his UK visit, the UN Special Rapporteur raised concerns about plans to make accessing propaganda “on three or more different occasions” a criminal offense.

The proposals, put forward in the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill, come after investigations found numerous terror plotters had been radicalized online by ISIS propaganda.

Max Hill QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, said: “There is a risk that the mesh of the net is far too fine and catch far too many people…I find a prison sentence of 15 years difficult to countenance when nothing is to be done with the material, it is not passed to a third party, and it is not being collected for a terrorist purpose.”

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