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A Hacker Tricked Servicemen Into Revealing Military Secrets Through Tinder

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Royal Air Force servicemen have reportedly been tricked into revealing military secrets on dating app, Tinder. Sources within the air force said that the scam had led to information being given to an unidentified third party.

The agent is alleged to have posed as a female colleague by hacking into the Tinder profile of an RAF servicewoman and manipulating several men; at least one attempt is known to have been successful.

In an internal memo obtained by the Daily Mail on Sunday, air force security advisers warned personnel about the growing risk of online social engineering and “online reconnaissance against social media profiles.”

The memo noted that service personnel are now at risk of being targeted by “skilled and convincing operatives” who look to obtain classified or confidential information.

As of yet, it is not known who was responsible for the social engineering attack. However, the internal memo suggests that information pertaining to British military operations and its capabilities are prime targets for “hostile state and non-state actors.”

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