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CCleaner’s Data Collection Feature Re-Enables Itself Even After Users Turn It Off

The Infinite Brief
CCleaner’s latest version, 5.45, collects anonymized information about your system, then basically makes it impossible for you to turn the feature off.

Give it a shot: head to Options > Monitoring, then disable “Active Monitoring.” Restart your computer and the feature will be enabled again. Sneaky, right? CCleaner, for their part, says all information gathered is entirely anonymous, and only used to help improve the program.

This all might be true, but reverting settings like this after the user makes a choice still strikes us as sketchy.

CCleaner was long admired for being a reliable, free system cleaner without any gimmicks. These days when CCleaner isn’t being hacked to include malware it’s adding malwaresque features like this all on its own.

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