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Mozilla Bans 23 Firefox Add-Ons For Tracking User Activity

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Mozilla has banned 23 Firefox add-ons for monitoring user browsing habits and covertly sending data to remote servers.

The move was prompted by Web Security, a Firefox browser add-on which was found to be tracking web page visits and sending this information to a server in Germany.

Web Security was originally included in a list of recommended add-ons posted on the official Firefox blog last week. The add-on has been downloaded over 220,000 times.

The recommendation was quietly removed after German security researcher Mike Kuketz revealed that the software sends user data to a server over an unencrypted HTTP channel, potentially exposing users to eavesdropping and Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) attacks.

The extensions are no longer available to download and current users of the extension will find their add-ons have been disabled.

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