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Grindr Publicly Reveals the Exact Location of Millions of Gay Men

The Infinite Brief
Because Grindr measures the distance between yourself and other users, it is relatively easy to let a computer virtually approach these users from different sides, while calculating their exact location. This can be done with zero coding experience.

The technique used to locate Grindr users is called ‘trilateration,’ which measures the user’s distance from the user using three (or more) virtual points nearby them.

After having obtained the distance between users and the three virtual locations nearby them, it is simple to find out where they are located. One only has to calculate where the distances intersect with each other.

It is also possible to search for the location of an individual user, even if you have no idea where this user is at that particular moment. After you have interacted with a user, for example through a chat message, you can continue to geolocate them later, whenever they share their distance online.

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