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Yet Even More Internal Facebook Documents Leak, Revealing How the Company Planned to Sell User Data

The Infinite Brief
Nearly 100 new pages of emails, including court filings and internal discussions by Facebook employees, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have leaked to the public.

The emails reveal how the company intended to charge developers for access to Facebook users’ data, how to make more money off gaming apps, special access to Facebook data for whitelisted partners, and an emergency breach of some kind that appeared to involve Zuckerberg’s Facebook account. 

While it’s previously been reported that Facebook considered selling user data, these emails reveal exactly what they wanted to charge for: instant personalization, showing who was friends with who, and “coefficient”—Facebook’s term for rating which of your friends you care about the most.

 The documents appeared on a Github page operated by “Buxton the Red,” a.k.a. Matt Fowler, a programmer based in England. 

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