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Maine is About to Pass the Strictest Internet Privacy Law in the Nation

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A bill that has received majority support in both houses of the Legislature would create the toughest state internet privacy law in the nation, prohibiting carriers such as AT&T and Spectrum from selling Maine customers’ personal data without their permission.

The House amended the bill to delay its effective date until July 1, 2020,  in order to give internet service providers time to prepare for the new rules.

The bill would closely mirror a former Federal Communications Commission rule President Trump nullified by executive order in 2017, opening the door for internet service providers to start selling their customers’ personal data to third parties.

The Maine State Chamber of Commerce opposes the bill, saying it is bad policy to pass such restrictions on a state-by-state basis, suggesting that the proposed law would create a false sense of privacy because it would only apply to internet service providers and not to other companies that do business on the web.

Curated from Portland Press Herald

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