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Home Depot and Lowe’s Secretly Used Facial Recognition to Identify Customers As They Entered the Store

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Two recent class action lawsuits accuse Home Depot and Lowe’s of secretly using facial recognition to identify customers as soon as they enter their stores.

On Sept. 4, 2019, a group of plaintiffs simultaneously filed virtually identical class action complaints in Chicago against Lowe’s and in federal court in Atlanta against Home Depot.

One of the lawsuits claim, “Lowe’s has augmented its in-store security cameras with software that tracks individuals’ movements throughout the store using a unique scan of face geometry. Put simply, Defendants surreptitiously attempt to collect the faceprint of every person who appears in front of one of their facial-recognition cameras.”

According to the Lowe’s class action, “defendants actively conceal their faceprinting practices from the public.”

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