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HP Beefs up User Privacy and Security with Groundbreaking Software Partnership

Cybersecurity has become a huge topic for businesses and organizations of all sizes across all industries. But every business has different insights and priorities, so the list of cybersecurity measures taken by organizations varies widely. However, top tech companies have realized the importance of user privacy and security. HP (Hewlett Packard) Company has gone on a cherry-pick campaign to forge partnerships with leading cybersecurity companies like ExpressVPN and LastPass. 

It’s quite unusual to see tech companies partnering with cybersecurity experts. However, HP has turned around the tides to have ExpressVPN’s Windows app preinstalled on select PCs. The two companies aim to aid each other in selling various products while making security software more accessible to users than ever.

About HP and ExpressVPN Partnership

ExpressVPN recently published a press release about its partnership with the giant tech company, HP. Through the partnership, HP’s new Spectre x360 13 will come preinstalled with ExpressVPN protection. The laptop offers impressive features, such as an extended battery life of 22 hours, GPU/CPU upgrades, and other privacy features.

One of the outstanding privacy features of the Spectre x360 13 is the on/off switch for webcam that electronically switches off your webcam when not in use. It also has a mute button for the integrated microphone with an LED indicator, a face recognition scanner, and a fingerprint scanner. Coupled with the inbuilt ExpressVPN protection, this laptop takes your security and privacy to a whole new level.

HP will throw in a 30-day ExpressVPN trial period, allowing users to test the software before committing to a monthly or yearly subscription. It’s a lot of fun browsing US IPTV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, PS Vue, and Amazon wherever you are in the world. According to ExpressVPN, the partnership is fruition since HP has been looking for ways to keep its users secure when browsing the internet. 

About ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is among the most trusted VPN providers in the world. With ExpressVPN software, you can stay protected while browsing the internet from unsecured public networks, and that’s the reason laptop users are getting the free trial. Over the next couple of months, ExpressVPN plans to launch more partnerships to enhance user privacy and security across various industries.

ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer Technology

ExpressVPN is backed by the tech industry’s most cutting-edge VPN server technology. The VPN runs on RAM, which ensures that the server erases all data on every server reset. The server doesn’t write on the hard drive, which further reduces data breach risks. Whenever the server is rebooted, the whole software stack is reinstalled afresh. What’s more; ExpressVPN can tell precisely what is running on each server without generating inconsistencies. 

About HP

Hp was founded in 1939 and has since grown into a popular international IT company that deals in a broad range of hardware, software, and similar IT products and services. Its product line consists of servers, PCs, printers, storage gadgets, servers, scanners, plotters, networking devices, and other imaging gadgets. 

In 2014, HP chose to separate its PC and printers business from the enterprise department to form HP, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise respectively.

What the Partnership Means for the Future

The partnership between ExpressVPN and HP is not just about two companies caring about their users’ security. It’s a total shift in the way tech companies view cybersecurity. For several years, cybersecurity has not been a center of focus for many companies. As a result, the world has witnesses costly data breaches, leaks, and theft of sensitive personal information. HP recognizes that most of its customers are beginning to realize the dangers of the internet, especially in terms of privacy. To keep up with user demands, the company is pushing security harder than ever.

The partnership will allow more tech companies to partner with cybersecurity companies to tackle a common enemy. ExpressVPN is among the best VPNs on the market today, thanks to its impressive speed, privacy, and unblocking features. Following the partnership with HP, ExpressVPN seeks to offer maximum security and privacy to a broader range of consumers.

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