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Data Shows That India Blocks More Websites Than Pakistan, Bahrain, and UAE Combined

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A new report claims that India has “installed the highest number of internet filtering systems and blocked the maximum number of web pages” in a list that includes nine other countries in the region.

The list of countries includes Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, UAE and Yemen.

A combination of publicly available “IP scanning, network measurement data, and other technical tests” were used to identify Netsweeper installations first in 30 countries, and then the list was narrowed down to 10 countries where the filter of content was taking place at a country-wide level by ISPs.

Citizen Lab claims that firewalls and other content filtering solutions provided by Netsweeper were being used freely by Indian ISPs – 42 installations by 12 internet providers – to block access to a number of websites.

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