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Tor Project to Layoff a Third of its Staff Due to COVID-19

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The Tor Project, a nonprofit organization that develops and maintains the privacy-focused Tor browser, is laying off a third of its staff as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement came via a blog post from Executive Director Isabela Bagueros, who said the group was letting go of 13 staff members and would “move forward” with a core team of just 22 people.

Bagueros reassured Tor users that in spite of the layoffs, the existing team would be able to maintain its servers and software, including the Tor Browser Bundle and the Tor anonymity network.

The Tor Project survives entirely on donations, so the layoffs aren’t such a surprise given that most of its donors are either users or come the private sector, both of which have been hit hard due to the pandemic.

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