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Verizon’s New Tracking Tool Monitors Your Behavior and Schedules Marketing Emails to Arrive When You Check Your Inbox

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Verizon quietly introduced a new email marketing feature yesterday that it calls “View Time Optimization,” which the company says automatically times emails from companies to arrive the moment you’re looking at your email inbox, so it sits at the very top as a new message.

The service is part of Verizon’s suite of email and web advertising properties, which includes AOL and Yahoo.

Verizon’s tool claims to take “the guesswork out of Send Time Optimization,” logging when people open their AOL or Yahoo email client, so ads can arrive “when users are actively engaging with their inbox.”

According to Verizon, the company isn’t allowing advertisers to track you directly; instead, when a user logs into their email account, it notifies Verizon servers and the View Time Optimization tool automatically sends out the ad the client has already set up ahead of time.

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